About Us

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Katie Trimble

I’m a 24 year old who loves playing with colors and glitter. I recently graduated from college with an engineering degree, which has provided me with a willingness to figure out how to make things. I love making the tumblers because there is so much variety within it and that no two tumblers are the same. You will never catch me without glitter or paint on my hands or clothes.

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Kristen Trimble

I’m a mom of two amazing children, ages twelve and seven. Both kids love arts and crafts and I love scrapbooking their creations. This love of scrapbooking led me to Cricut. Now I am utilizing my Cricut machines to do all sorts of projects, from family t-shirts to birthday cards all the way to the colorful glitter tumblers. My house is definitely always covered in paint and glitter.